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Although the movie was completely slow moving so were the books anyone who has read the books knows that the real story and "action" doesnt start until the second book. I was fairly impressed with how the movie turned out. The director tried to stay as true to the story as possible if they stick to the story line i have no doubt that the second and final movie adaptation will be better. Just think The Mortal Instruments movie adaptation i have read all of those books and enjoyed them then they came out with that monstrocity of a movie where they altered the entire story line where in the world are they going to go for the second part it is not a wonder why the sequel to that movie has been on pause for as long as it has i would rather movie adaptation stay true the original vision instead of changing you know the saying if it aint broke dont fix it well look at all the original for once i would like to see someone not change the story people enjoyed it before it was made into a movie so why change it now.

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