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It's like the directors and writers, never seen, or read a comic book, or had trading cards, I hated the movie wolverine, he was dull, lacked the awesomeness that wolverine is. The movie he was a regular dude that had claws, wow, oh and got beat up by nearly every mutant he faced in the movies, totally disregarding that wolverine is one of the most feared mutants alive. In the movie he never displayed anything that made wolverine awesome except his healing, forgetting the fact wolverine agility was a 10, his stamina was he can fight at full speed for 3 days none stop, mastering so many fighting styles, but the movie made him a dork that just ran straight and hoped for the best. So I truly hope they do there homework and do wolverine some justice when picking a actor, and I pray you guys rewrite the whole character and make wolverine the badass he truly is..

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