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Ok first is the locust in MP was gone. To me it made the game boring and it just didnt feel like GOW. Secondly, lack of content. I thought it was lame to launch a game with only four maps when orginally in the series of GOW they launched 10 or 12 maps and then dlc. Three, they took out (DBNO) and other things that made the GOW Franchise. It was not like any other games and was different. I believe thats what made GOW Special. Four, why did we only have two guns. Im a gears head and thats not gears of war. Last but not lest tho. I say that because honestly i can go on with a numerous of things about GOW Judgment that just wasnt gears. I want to mention the button configuration that was in judgment. It was ok but i perfer the original button configuration in (GOW 1,2, and 3).

P.S. The maps sucked except blood drive and checkout.

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