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As the movie ends, the feather starts to fly away....

After the credits, you find Forrest chasing it down. It ends up floating all the way to a carnival. It lands on a Zoltar machine. Forrest walks over, grabs the feather, stares at the machine, watching Zoltar's mouth open and close....taking a quarter from his pocket...reaching for the slot...then says nah , and in his classic Forrest Gump voice says

The space goes...

down down baby, down down the roller coaster.

Sweet sweet baby, sweet sweet don't let me go.

shimmy shimmy coco pop, shimmy shimmy rock,

shimmy shimmy coco pop, shimmy shimmy rock

I met a girlfriend- a triscuit,

she said a triscuit-a biscuit,

ice cream soda pop

vanilla on the top

oooo Shalida, walking down the street,

ten times a week

I meant it. I said it.

I stole my mama's credit.

I'm cool. I'm hot.

Sock you in the stomach three more times.

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