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"Chewie, we're Home!"

This line is got to be the Greatest.

but it got me to Thinking "HOME!"?

( Yes ) Home, is Corella which is a manufacturing planet,

( BUT is this the HOME! He is talking bout ?

Or is he talking bout his sidekick,s HOME! Kashyyyk ?

for one of the galaxies best smuggler and pirate, a scoundrel. Home could be anywhere (papa was a Rolling Stone'

and iam sure home was alot of places'

or could he had been talkin bout tatooine ??? As before HOME!' Can be alot of places , maybe he was talkin bout the planet "Dathomir, he did buy it the whole planet and him and Leia did get get married there is this the HOME, he's talking bout ? Let's hear from you just what home is it he is referring to ??????????

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