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Star lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot are all in the Milano chasing an object hurtling through space. It appears to be headed toward earth. Everyone on the ship is very tense and anxious to catch up to the object. Quill asks Rocket if he can tell what it is. Rocket says he's never seen anything read like this before. The object is pulling away and Rocket says it has just landed on Earth's moon. Quill sets the ship down as everyone gets out to see the object. Rocket tells everyone that it's on the other side of that crater. The guardians make their way the crater and see a figure standing facing the earth. Approaching with weapons drawn, Angela turns her head slightly and says: "If you truly be guardians of this galaxy, then prepare yourselves for most glorious of battles." The camera pans to face Angela with the guardians in the background. Slowly a watcher comes into view and Groot turns around to see the watcher and says: "I am Groot. "

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