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We know that the defenders is coming up and we are all eagerly awaiting the doctor strange film that will be coming soon. In the comics strange is of course a member and my entry will give us a sneak peek as to what's coming come 2016.

In the canon of my scene there is a mirror mentioned to have been stolen at the end of the movie. SHEILD believe that it is a huge deal and need someone to retrieve it.

The scene opens in a cave-live place with red curtains hung all around the room.

A man walks into the room and has the mirror in his hand. He sets It down on a ceremonial table and coughs lightly as to indicate something.

We then hear a noise that sounds like a fire being lit.

The man turns upon hearing this. We then hear him speak and in a booming voice he says;

Welcome back, Master Dormanu

The mirror we then see has a face in it. A flaming skull which replies;

It's good to be back Mr Mordo

The scene then cuts to black.

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