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Scail is a preteen that had died , and came back from. He had a little glimpse of Hell himself. After going through that, he had gotten the power to shape shift into a wolf. Its left eye was blind , and had a scar over it. He also found out he could do many other things. He found out that there were others ... But different. He hated them, he had found out that he could turn into them and use there powers. He could also take their powers ... Permentley. He became stronger and stronger. Every day he got and or, unlocked a new power, maki g him invincible. It was to come that scail would team up with the green goblin. Together they would get every villain to team up. All villains from DC and marval they would meet up in oscorp to get ready to give hell to all hero's who dare stand in there way. From that day on Scail was unstoppable .

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