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I've always been fascinated with ghost stories. I've never experienced any sort of haunting or ghost activity. I'm not even really sure I believe in it. But reading about situations that people have been in have always made me want to be a part of them.

Back in my teenage years, a friend and I would spend a lot of time in a cemetery late at night. Sometimes we would play hide and seek, other times we would just wander around looking for anything supernatural. Long story short, we didn't find anything. There was even a statue of an old war hero nurse that, according to legend, would look at you if you stood on her pedestal. It was creepy for sure, but nothing ever happened.

Call me crazy, but I want to see things. Things that scare me. Things that creep me out. For one, so I know there's something out there, and two, because it would be extremely exciting.

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