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I don't understand why everyone says it flopped out at the movies! I for one thought they did a great job although it didn't follow the entire scripted storyline from the book series. That being said Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bowers characters being changed is very off putting to me. I wouldn't watch it. They were perfect for the parts they were cast as and changing that in my opinion would be a grave mistake. Everytime a series comes on television it rarely makes it past the first season. I'd rather see the movies being finished out and was so excited at the prospect. Now I'm just really disappointed they are putting it on television! Maybe, just maybe if Lily and Jamie were still the lead cast I would watch but without those two lead roles being the same people I will not watch it! I'd rather reread my series books and just have to be satisfied with that. I truly hope they don't screw this up by making it a TV series for it to flop out after the first season!

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