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Don't get me wrong the movie was alright, not spectacular but alright either way. But, as most people have stated it didn't delve into the very deep world they live in and how it comes to be the way it was, the spoilers of the second and third book is ridiculous, now I have read all six books prior to this movie coming out but it still made me unhappy that it was rushed and had parts of the other books and didn't deal with the whole plot of book one properly, the actors were great in this movie and played their roles well, but I agree with the posts that they should change Jace I expected someone totally different then the one they have now no offense to the guy that played him in the movie he just didn't remind me of Jace. So I hope they do make the TV series, that way they can do this much better then they did the first time. Also, hopfully they make it targeting an older crowd this time to

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