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I remember watching the reruns of the original Teen Titans at 9 on Cartoon Network, and was an instant fan. The new show has ruined the show I knew and loved by about 3 main reasons.

1. The show is a comedy - There is little need for explination here.

2. The Characters don't hold the things we know them for - This may be me, but I haven't heard any "Bo-yah!'s" from Cyborg and Beast Boy uses words like yo and eats meat.

3. Lacking in action - Finally and most annoying is they change of focus from action-oriented story arcs that drew so many of us in to the Titan's "home life".

The thing that makes me the most upset is the age difference. I have 2 cousins, 9 and 5, that are scared of things like kittens, and they love watching and laughing at the shallow TTG. I attempted to show them the original Titans but they got scared and hid under my bed.

In conclusion, the new TTG is a complete and utter DISGRACE AND DISAPPOINTMENT.

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