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A very talented 12 year old from Ohio is going to auditions for Moana. Everyone thinks you have to be from Hawaii to get this shot. But nope! An Ohio girl who sounds Hawaiian is going to audition. We actually interviewed her ( she's my relative) she said "Look, I'm only one person out of millions auditioning. My chances are low, and we both know that. But I believe I have the skills they are looking for and I'm not giving up. That's what my grandfather would tell me before he passed. But anyway I want to say good luck to everyone who is auditioning and I hope you all will see me on the big screen in 2016"! Wow and we all hope you do get to see her. The underdog because she is the youngest girl auditioning. She also would like to add " Thanks to my sixth grade teacher Mrs.Allen! Thanks for inspiring me!"

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