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Every one wants to be popular. Obvious right.

1: wear whats you. This is an easy way to start trends. Wear what you wanna wear.

2: have whatever the queen bee has before her. Get close to the Queen Bee. Then once you notice her style you can predict what she is gonna get. Talk about a spy undercover.

3: rumors are so not cool. Rumors are like lip gloss on a man. You think its funny but it's mean. But of you want to get Dort on some one I suggest you find somthing embarrassing..

4: rise to the sky. Get close to the Queen Bee and make some dirt . Then she will be following you.

and being popular is also being YOU. Never change!!!!!!


Stacy ( the girl whos better than yiu) JK. Yiur better darling

Love you all. Smooches, Sophia

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