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It would be pointless to remake the movie "The Crow". Brandon Lee can not be replaced. It would be like trying to replace Bruce Lee in the movies he made, or replacing Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious movies. "The Crow" remake will not do as well as the original. Some remakes are okay, but not this one. Brandon Lee did an amazing job as Eric Draven. There is no one better to play that part. If it is remade, I can tell you now, that I will not be watching it. It will never be as good as the original. Why can't Hollywood come up with new ideas for movies, instead of doing remakes all the time. Jurassic Park is done and over with, but for some reason they made another one. Come up with new ideas people. Remakes are getting old very fast. DO NOT REMAKE "THE CROW". IT WILL BE A FAILURE!

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