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Miley Cyrus? What can we say about MC. Yeah ok she's an average musician, but she wouldn't have had any chance in music if daddy wasn't Billy Ray.

And I know, before you start talking about "she was famous before with Hannah Montana" let's just say that was distinctly average too. In fact MC's best appearance and most convincing performance was in "family guy" where she played an android.

Now don't get me wrong she's an attractive young woman, but it's clear to everyone that she's trying too hard. All the instagram pictures and going out with nothing more than some sticky tape over her nipples, crotch shots on stage etc etc. And now she's decided she's bi-sexual/lesbian.

Yeah ok if that's what you want, to have fun and try a little experimentation that is totally normal, but we don't want to see and hear it every 2 minutes.

Yes ok we get it your famous and averagely hot but.......come on love your trying too hard.

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