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I think that the best thing that coold happened to the hulk is that he tooks a step and start working with the aventures as a teem mate

Then they caver his kognetive intelektual weekness and use in the best wey his vast amount ofe fisical powers .

As ateem with the aventures he will be unbiteboll against most ofe the 7 DC super heroes you heve mentioned eaven if they will come as a teem.

One more thing is that i thinck it deeserve to the hulk wot happens with superman that beecame superman prime

It deaserve hulk after sow many years of serving as a super heero to gradyuate his powers and abilities and beecame a hulk prime with as brain and intelektual as strong as his fisical powers like bruse benner hase

Guys sory fore may spelling meastaks

Hope you understood somting

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