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I agree with the list of DC characters that could take down the impervious Hulk, but I had one addition/adjustment. Granted, Shazam is actually a young Billy Batson...which makes his knowledge/skills very new to him @ times. I like him on the list, but I absolutely could not leave out Black Adam. Often looked on as a "villain" if you've read Black Adam/Shazam, you'd know that's not entirely true. I put him more of a line of General Zod (who is another character I would have added). He feels betrayed & wronged similar to Zod...and with Black Adam's knowledge/experience with his powers (which are magical...why Superman has trouble with Shazam & such at times) I think he could ultimately take down the Hulk...and be very close (a walk away/even battle) with Thor. People forget about Black Adam @ times..not me.

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