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In an interview, when asked "In an all out brawl of everyone in the Marvel universe who would be the last one standing?" Stan Lee responded "Thor, he's a god"

Here is a peek -

interview which stan lee gave just a few years back in 1998 when asked who he thought was stronger thor or the hulk here's what he had to say.

Roy: And now I have what Evans and Novak would call on their show, "The Big Question," which the editor requested me to ask you: Which is stronger, Thor or the Hulk?

Stan: I would have to guess that Thor is stronger, only because he is a god and probably can't be killed. Again, I don't know how the guys have been writing him lately, but I thought of him as invulnerable

he did go onto say that it was posssible that the hulk might be able to eventually get to thor strength level but in his opinion thor would win a fight between the two of them

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