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Went with the Bff to see Maleficent there are moms and kids and other ppl waiting. The trailers end and all of a sudden we are being subjected to Seth Roger having quick chair riding from his wife with their baby in the room. (The Movie Neighbors). Well by this time the kids have been subjected to this as well as watching Seth try to get his Groove on and hear him constantly talking I would have gave up giving him any as his wife cause he was killing the mood with his incessant whining about the baby is watching. No! how bout the babies in the theater and us. Where is Angelina Jolie? Finally the movie stops and the ushers come in move is to a new theater and gives us free tickets for another movie. But the damage is done those kids know that parents try to get it in when their not around now cock blocking will go into overdrive. No alone time for us parents anywhere. Lol

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