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remember the movie mean girls? Imagine a mean girls remake? Who would be casted?

1. Caty harren, this character brings a lot to the film and I have picked a few choices such as, Taissa farminga, shaileen woodley, emma stone, and Anna Kendrick. My choice is emma stone!

2. Regina George, this was a hard choice because we needed a bad girl and we had a lot of choices for one such as Bella Thorne, megan fox, Abigail Breslin, and emma Roberts, we know who can play bad and that is emma roberts!

3. Gretchen weeners, we need a follower and we have, Anna Kendrick!

4. Karen Samuels, now this one we only have two choices and that Chloe grace moretz and jennifer Lawrence and that goes too Chloe grace moretz!

Now the last two i only have one consideration for each and that is

5. Janis Ian - Aubrey plaza

6. Damien- Jonah hill!

couldnt you see those two bonding??

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