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Humans are complex creatures. Our brain is a mystery that may never truly be solved. The thing that holds back individuals is society and the thing that uplifts a person is society. Society as a whole is neither good nor bad. It's the individuals that destroys the neutrality of it. People have loved people for centuries. The world isn't going to end because Joe loves Jane and John. Or because Jane sometimes feels like John. The world didn't end when women could vote or when people of different races started to get more liberties. The world will some day but if you are going to blame humans in the near future, it will be the ones that hold onto the hate and ignorance. We already see it now. It's not the ones that love freely that are causing pain, it's the ones that deny them. It's not the ones that wish to be treated as equals that cause the suffering. It's the ones that oppress them.

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