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I love the horror genre and I am tired of seeing the same movie remade over and over again . Example Carrie (there are 3 versions of the first one) Although some of Stephen King's work that was made into movies should be remade to follow the story more truthfully especially Cujo. I would like them to leave alone some of the cult classics like The Craft if it's not broke why fix it. This is a great movie and there is no way they are going to improve upon it. There's no reason to remake I Know What You Did Last Summer. Have film makers really run out of original ideas that they have to rely on someone else's work to eat? I am waiting for another amazing film like Saw to come along and captivate me. I could not wait for October of the next year to see what Jigsaw had planned next. It was a gamble on new material but it worked! Less remakes more original films.

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