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John Hamm as Hal Jordan

Chris Pine as Kyle Rayner

Sam Worthington as Guy Gardner

Idris Elba as John Stewart

Bradley Cooper as Allan Scott

I think these actors would make the best green lanterns if they were to play these characters in a motion picture. Each in my opinion look like each GL member and all could pull it off very nicely. Tyreese is a good actor but I can't picture him as John Stewart I think I'm just going be thinking there's Jody from baby boy in outer space. He is my second choice to play him after Idris Elba but if they can't land either of those guys please whatever you do don't use common! He acts the same in all the movies I seen him in just doesn't fit the part. Also they should get Ving Rhames to do the voice of kilowog. Now if they do a Luke Cage/Power Man movie or have his character in any up coming marvel movie Tyreese would be perfect to play that role fits him way better in my opinion.

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