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If they are to do a reboot of The Power Rangers, why not bring all of them back into it?

Red Ranger

Black Ranger

Blue Ranger

Yellow Ranger

Pink Ranger

Green Ranger


White Ranger

I mean after all 7 is better than 6. Why bring them all back? Because u can't have a White Ranger without the Green Ranger & visaversa.

I know in the TV series Green Ranger left & was replaced by White Ranger, but if its a reboot why not change things around a little.

Also Maybe have Zordon & the guy who replaced him (the ninja dude) because with him at least they can fight with him by their side.

Now you can't replace The Queen from the 1st one, so maybe bring in someone from her family (in the show) to carry on the family name, after that, just bring back all the rest of the cast, good/bad/dorkie.

It would just be a better & good idea

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