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I watched Grimm Love because I am a horror writer and love horror films based on true events. This movie is about The Cannibal of Rothenburg. In the late eighties, early nineties, a cannibal posted in a chat room "I wish to eat someone." Someone replied "Only if I am alive." The deal was struck.

The most disturbing scene (and this was video taped and played in court) was the cannibal sawing off the other person's penis, frying it and then both eating it.

The first time I watched the movie I was not so disturbed by it. The second time, however, it played in my head for months.

The case did go to trial and at first the cannibal was released because he had informed consent from the victim on tape. The second time, he was convicted of murder.

The back story of both characters is sad and horrific. This story will always stick with me because it is based in fact.

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