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In this age of too many reality TV shows, a series like Hannibal was a well-needed breath of fresh air. I was, and still am, one of those people who likes TV shows that forces me to think beyond and look for subtle clues. When I saw the news about the cancellation of Hannibal I was more than a little upset. I remember turning to a friend and said "how can a series like this be cancelled and the reality shows that suck stoll go on?". I then took a moment and was ashamed because most of the the people who watch TV are why. By being infatuated with who will "win" on these reality shows those who watch the have basically screwed everyone else. Sorry NBC and all other basic networks, but it is coming to the point where people who actually like shows that make you think are moving on to different networks and to online sources like Netflix. I just hope these sources don't follow your example and forget about those of us who can't stand the reality TV takeover.

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