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In response to the post about Heath Ledger's death being a conspiracy I have to say "Why so serious?" Come on folks. We all knew and loved Heath and the way he impacted us in such a short time. But the only conspiracy is our ways of thinking because we don't want to face what we all know to be true. Heath was a method actor. A person that gets so in tune with the roles they play they literally become that character. Val Kilmer is a known method actor. He BECAME Doc Holiday. Sadly Heath didn't know how to control the demon festering inside. Eventually he couldn't sleep, couldn't eat. ..the darkness of the Joker over took him. He began self medicating to quiet the rage inside. Then sadly that darkness took over. Did he mean to do it? No one can say for sure, but I do not believe so. I think he just wanted quiet. Sadly he received more than he bargained for and we lost an amazing actor and human being.

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