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sleep paralysis is a scary thing. I was asleep? Yet ...awake? I noticed the door to my room opening slowly and yelled for my sister to stop( thinking she's playing a prank).Nobody was there. Then the door slammed shut. All of a sudden I felt a pressure on my chest and tried yelling 'HELP ME!' I couldn't move as if I were paralyzed finally after what seemed like forever I got up ran to the living area. My mom and my sister lay asleep I throw a pillow at my sister hyterically yelling at her as to why she did that. Her and my mother both were asleep on the couch they had no idea as to what I was talking about and my sister had been sleeping. I've seen the trailer to the new movie and Got the chills couldn't get through the first few seconds. Everytime I see it .. I can't .. Just can't.

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