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First of all before all the Sony people hammer me, I bought original Playstation on release day and found a PS2 and loved them.... BUT Sony lost my trust and faith long ago pushing me to be loyal original Xbox owner,THEN they screwed up on the PS3 reinforcing my negativity towards Sony and Playstation brand and Microsoft stuck by theyre customers and xbox cementing my loyalty. and over years bought 5 xbox 360s (newer updated ones and limited editions NOT because of RROD. and now proud xbox One owner. So of course im playing ESO on Xbox one. Now with backwards compatability (it DOES WORK, not a hiccup w all games I use. May still be only Preview members though not sure.) we may get our Oblibian and Skyrim ON XBOX ONE. bringing new life to Bethesdas older products and helping company. Whats Sony doing to show its customers all the money you spent on inferior PS3 games was wasted. Throw em in trash now.

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