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...uts to what the consequences are. Why is is so plausible that the Avengers (who have a comic book history of destroying New York) save everyone in NY and keep the battle contained to 3 square blocks? Meanwhile Superman is literally on the on other side of the planet while the world engine and ship are terraforming the planet destroying Metropolis. Which is why I never respect anyone who says he wasn't Superman, he killed millions and blah blah blah. Infact he saved the whole world. Did people die while he was on the other side of the planet taking out the world engine because he was the only being on the planet that could? Yes, yes he was. Why was he on the other side of the world instead of in Metropolis disabling the other ship? That is because he needed to send them back to the phantom zone in one piece. Not knowing the condition of said zone he couldn't very well destroy their ship.

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