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Fellow comic enthusiasts, we must remember that Wonder Woman was made to promote the equality between men and women, and as expected, there were more women who read the comics than men at the beginning. Also, remember the "Wonder Women" section that highlighted the most remarkable women ever known in history, showing the badassery of said gender. Who established that a women needs to have a model's body to be a badass? I'm sure there isn't an agreement made by the UNO or any other organization that establishes that. In fact, there are wonder women everywhere: the ones who fight on the sidelines for their country by teaching the children who need it, those who risk their lives to feed their children, or even help the ones in orphanages or the most needed places of the world. I say that it is the quality of the acting that matters. If Halle Berry could do an incredible job as Storm, I'm sure Gal Gadot can do an amazing job bringing the first female superhero to life.

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