Posted by 1) Without the suit Pym is a geuines and could( i don't say that he can't do it either, but he is also considerd very smart) possibly hack Tonys computers and take Tony down from the inside out. 2)With the suit he coud shrink and destroy the wiring( as mentioned) and if it is so that the suit has the same ability as in the animated show : avengers earth mightiest heroes were he could summon ants, then he could make the ants crawl over the wires and the rest of the electronic in the suit and destroy it from there. But Tony has an advatage(?) he has multiple suits that he could use, he could use the first suit he created in that cave ( you don't know what suit I am thinking on, then watch the first movie) that has no electronic and it is quite primitiv. If you haven't watch the iron man movies, then I recomend them. I love them all

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