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...minater fan. We were not expecting to see much at all after reading critic reviews/ scores ..... And this is why we CAN NOT trust what our critics write..... Aside from the movie being non-stop action, and enjoying Arnold's humorous statements and facial expressions, it was Jai Courtney who carried the movie and who we enjoyed the most. His acting was spot on for his character role . A more humble yet strong character as opposed to his egotistical character, Eric in Divergent, who he ALSO played to perfection. It is actually quite refreshing to see actors GROW into their roles and popularity . I am really sick of seeing the Tom Cruises of film over and over again. Jai Courtney is definatly someone 'to watch' ....... And he is NO Vin DieseL, but a young man trying to make it in the NEXT GENERATION OF ACTORS..he is DEFIANTLY on the right road.

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