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Is Wally really dead? I mean at the end of the final episode of Young Justice you see Vandal Savage, boom tube to Appocalpise to meet up with Darkseid. Darkseid is the God of death as stated in season 1. If he is the God of death (please excuse my nerd here) Hades from Greek mythology is also the God of death. Now before you say "He's not in the DC universe" actually he is. In the game Injustice gods umoung us for Xbox, Ares is a character. They don't just pull him out because Wonder Woman is born from the Greek goddess Athena, Daughter of Zues, so Hades is real. Artemis being depressed could force Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl to bring her down to rescue Wally. Or if it doesn't work like that, there are going to end up facing Darkseid Anyway. Artemis could pick up Wally from him. That's all I want is Wally West back. Plus Netflix claims to be making a season 3 as we speak so I hope they bring him back as soon as possible!!!!

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