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Nobody has yet to encompass Batman's physical strength and use of gadgets, and that really bothers me. Batman is an unstoppable ninja who could take on dozens of enemies without armor, but is still rich enough to create a protective suit and a belt that has every nonlethal weapon he would ever need. All of the movies we have seen, however, show a too-tight Batsuit, mention Batarangs a few times, and show Batman struggling to take on four or five thugs with his fists. Batman v Superman seems to be rectifying this- we see Batman use multiply gadgets and deliver a lot of satisfying punches in the most recent trailer- but even then, Ben Affleck looks super muscular and not very agile and ninja-like. However, I do think a few of the films have showcased the unique, mesmerizing, and dark psychology of a character like Batman: Burton's first two films and Nolan's last two were examples of this and I applaud them for that.

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