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...k didn't want her for several reasons,but the people that believed in her fought hard and won ,and now she's an Icon...its the same with Gal...WW has been depicted as tall slender athletic more so than bulky muscular ..even in early cannon..she has a range of sizes in the comics..Gal is 5'10" and lean and looks a lot like the 52 WW...she represents the evolution of WW...SHE HAS 8 Years acting experience starting in israel, she has 2 major movies coming BEFORE BvS "criminal" and "triple 9"..she is one of the leads in both..we will see her acting before we see her as WW...she has trained hard for 6 months for this role she has dedication and a great attitude in the face of this challenge and critics ...she said she will portray WW with love and emotional intelligence WWs powers come from mythical magic NOT muscles ....Gal has the right looks and is amazing.

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