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This is a guy that looks similar to Heath ledger and you know what in the right angles he could've fooled me... but I know TDK in and out, line for line. However, Nolan's joker and the comic book joker are 2 totally different people and to say that "This guy should play Joker instead of Leto" Let me break this down for you. 1.) Nolan verse Joker is different from Suicide joker and are meant to have totally different looks 2.) the Joker in TDK is a completely different Joker than the Suicide Squad movie's joker is. 3.) have you actually watched the Suicide Squad trailer? LETO SOLD HIS JOKER TO ME WHICH WAS SUPER HARD. A. his eye were righ B. His Voice was befitting C. even though I wasn't crazy about the look at first he fucking sold it with his 2 lines.

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