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... show. This is essentially his 'Year One'. So of course he's going to get beaten. He isn't a fully formed superhero. Season 1 is his journey from being a vigilante to being Daredevil. Its right that we don't get to see the suit and hear the name at the last episode. Him getting beaten up serves as a reason why he needs to get the suit. Its a logical progression and not just "I'll wear the suit because it looks cool" he EARNS the suit at the end of the series. Even why he chooses the 'devil' - a symbol to be feared. To tread the path of the righteous. There's a reason to all of it and the writers put great care to explaining why things are and not just force us to accept it because that was it. Plus, he gets beaten in the comics esp on Bendis and Brubaker's stuff. To the point where Frank needed to bail him out of prison because he was in general population and was getting beaten everyday. Frank knew the more he stayed, the more he would have to be forced to kill eventually.

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