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...ean he knows that Batman is Bruce Wayne, which he doesn't as confirmed by the writing on the Robin suit where he still calls him Batman. Speculation on the newspaper is that it was written by Lex Luthor. Furthermore it's stated that the events of Suicide Squad happen after BVS. Here's how I think the timeline went/will go down: Joker kills Robin (Dick Grayson, not Jason Todd, pictures have surfaced of a tombstone with the name Richard Grayson on it.) Batman brings the body home and has a funeral for Dick, meanwhile he puts the suit on display in the Batcave to remind him of his failure. Then the events of Man Of Steel happen, prompting Batman to pause his chase of the Joker in order to handle the bigger threat, Superman. (BVS.) When that's done he continues his hunt for Joker, which brings us to Suicide Squad.

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