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...ffleck looks angrier than any other Batman we have ever seen. This is an essential part to Batman's character. He is driven by rage." - Batman is not driven by rage. It fuels him, it makes him stronger, but it does not control him. He controls it. Batman, in action, is calm and collected. He controls the situation, he doesn't just react. In his mind, he runs through a hundred different ways to resolve any problem he faces, and goes with the most effective option. A person driven by rage isn't like that at all. He reacts, rather than controls. And that is not the Batman we know. This is the exact reason why I hated Bale's Batman as much as I did. I mean, the movies weren't bad, but his Batman was simply NOT BATMAN. Batfleck is... and I've been saying it since DAY ONE when they announced his casting.

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