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AOU is the best. They show that he is heroic and not still childish and a teenager like in X-Men. In AOU he is a young man that looks to be about 20 or so. In X-Men he looks as if he's still 16-18. He has too much... immaturity. AOU he goes from villain to hero, making him better than X-Men. X-Men he just does as mother says, pretty much. AOU he does what he is told by the bad guy but gain self sends and makes things right. He sacrifices himself for two people. He sacrifices his life to help the life of a child so the child could be with the mother and they wouldn't be separated. He knows damn well that he would be leaving his sister behind but he dies a hero. Hero saves another hero along with a child. X-Men, he helps break into a highly protected prison to break out a man whom turns evil in the end. One sacrifices himself for two lives, the other risks millions of lives by assisting in a jail break.

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