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5points. 1. Was it her intentions? Idk. She likes black guys and she loves the culture, rap, fashion, dance, singing, etc; so I think she may have , without bad intentions, "culture jacked"; the Urban culture makes up 70% of the nations influence 2. The whole family is known for this. Can it be for the same reasons i stated? Of course. But with a level of culture envy and admiration Culture appropriation seems almost imperative. 3. Justin is wrong. He fueled a race debate. There was NO accusation of racism. 4. Their beef seems to be more about Willow that a hair style and this is simply girls lashing our at each other; (read between the lines) 5. Deal. Take it as a compliment. This has been going on since humans walked the earth. Like with greeks with Egypt. And Rome with Israel. And America with the indians. This will continue; other cultures will continue using other cultures profit and style, as though they designed it themselves. Shit happens, just or unjust.

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