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II made the first look like a beta, and had an incredible story, but I feel like Brotherhood added so much more to that with better mechanics and getting to explore Rome. However, the naval aspect of BF made the game. Plus being a pirate and learning about such interesting characters. Even the new modern day story I found exciting. But the main reason BF sticks out is because it's the only game in which I've cried at a character's death - Mary. If the characters and story could move new that much, it's good. As far as the new games, I'm a little behind. I just ordered Rogue, so we'll see how that goes. I like the idea of playing from a Template perspective. But I don't have an XbOne, so I haven't been able to play Unity. And while I do want to, and want to play Syndicate as well, by now it's just sort of like "there's another one already?" Honestly, I'm more excited for Rise of the Tomb Raider and Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

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