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I think there should be more pokemon in the movie but I don't think all POKEMON should be extinct but i think some of the legendary pokemon should be extinct but a couple of legendary pokemon should be with the main trainers willing to keep them alive and other pokemon will help them fight teamrocket and the final battle can be teamrocket Assassin and teamrocket members to where the pokemon wins against teamrocket and and some of teamrocket goes into hinding and officer Jenny say anyone that wants to join teamrocket members will be put in jail and anyone that sees a teamrocket needs to repot it to me any has question ask the new trainer that just defited the team rocket

For us and nurse Joy has reopen the pokemoncenter for anyone that has hurt POKEMON ALL the new trainer are going to be the best pokemon master all trainer was was quickly join ash when he fight a won against teamrocket nd the ones that where to scared to fight against teamrocket quickly join him when he need them the most he stared a rebellin against teamrocket right behind there nuses i I think ypu should do the pokemon on computer graphics caz people don't like the way you did that I think you could do it better on computer graphics caz digimon was going to do it beter I know you could do it more beter then digimon

I think these should be the POKEMON that ashs getspokemon blastoise a charizard a bayleef Ampharos pickachu Rayquaza sceptile Crocanaw vigoroth Heracross kobotops Draphion Hippowdon seismitoud Galvantula Beartic Infernape Tortarra Starapter Garchomp Darmanitan Carracosta Greeninja Quilladin Fletchinder Pangoro Nidoking and Lapras thease ar all the pokemon ash capchard well he was in teamrocket and starting his rebellion mosty will have a Gyarados Vaporeon tentacruel Dewgong chinchoi Qwilfish Starmie seaking whischash Lumineon Empoleon Floatzel Poliwrath mantine seadra Noivern Regice Salamence Nidoqueen Palkia Brook will have Dugtrio Rhydon Sudowoodo Crobat Graveler ninetales Foretress Onix Donphan Arceus teamrocket pokemon Dark Houndoms Dark Bronzongs Dark Honchknows Dark Lucarios Dark Magnezones Dark Dusknoirs Dark frostless Dark Scolipdes Dark Mindibuzz DarkMetangs Dark Arbok Dark Meowth and Dark Persian

Hope you like my idea

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