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... comes to any fight between them (and when Shazam wins, it's usually only because he cheap shots Superman with his transformation lightning bolt). And contrary to popular belief... Magic is NOT a weakness of Superman's, it just affects him as much as it would any non-powered person. Anyway, it's not like I don't think they're planning to use magic, and I never said anything like that. Just that there isn't much room for the magic stuff in the movies yet, and that there's a relative lack of magic-based characters. 3, Enchantress, Shazam, and Black Adam, 4 if you count Katana (who btw, has never been a villain nor has she ever been associated with the Squad, so I don't get why she's even IN the movie), out of how many characters that they're already using? I think the count is somewhere around 25 or so, and that's just those that have been named and confirmed.

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