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"Bo derek wore them and made them chic for everyone to wear". How oblivious are you? I bet you think she invented them too, huh? Here's what you don't know. When Bo Derek wore them, she made them the "chic" thing to do for WHITE women. Black women were already wearing them. She didn't make anything "chic" for Black women. You just proved Amandla's whole point. She made them the "chic" thing. What were they before this White woman wore them? As Vogue says, they were "urban" and "hip hop". smh. Don't you even pull that "everyone wears them" shit. I see Black girls wearing cornrows, box braids, twists, locks, etc., etc. YEAR 'round. It's just recently become some weird trend with White women. That same "just a hairdo" gets Black women fired and sent home from school. Don't you dare say it's "just a hairdo". That's insulting.

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