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...orderlands, Dead Snow 1 + 2, Cockneys vs Zombies, Late Phases, and a few others are well worth the watch. I thought Frankenstein's Army was one of the worst movies I've seen on Netflix tbh. I went into it with very low expectations, just in it for decent monster designs as was mentioned in many reviews. But it didn't even have that much going for it. Generic human/machine experimentation bullshit. the "mosquito" looking guy that everyone faps over was the only remotely interesting one. And even then it was not presented well at all. The rest of this list is mediocre at best (but you can't expect much from Netflix) imo. Your best bet is to sort by highest rated under "horror" on Netflix and work your way down. There were a few around 1.5 - 2 stars that were passable if you're as desperate as I was. Most of the 1 stars are well deserving of the low rates, even unwatchable.

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