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...ops, etc. If a male and female in the same job, with the same training, time on the job, experience (yes, they are different), and other background were being paid different amounts this would be a different conversation. Hell, if a female cop (teacher or other contract employee) were paid 1/10th of a male equivalent were being paid with all the same training, skills, experience and time on the job it would be a MAJOR news story!! Just because we are actors doesn't make us different. Acting is a job, and not an easy one at that. Everyone thinks it's so easy. If it was anyone would be doing it. We work our butts off, and most of us don't make millions, and the ones that do are REALLY hard working folks. Look on IMDb for Channing Tatum. He's one of the hardest working people in Hollywood, or anywhere. Now look at Jennifer Lawrence's IMDb page. She is one hard working woman! Before you dog people for their job or their gender, check the facts.

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