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...and compressed it all into one game, it would be an uncoordinated mess- and completely unoriginal. That's not to say that Mario Kart HAS to be game-changing with every new installment. The bread and butter of this series is always the new tracks. A game with all the old tracks combined into an epic collection would be great, but since there's no NEW tracks to play, there's no reason to bother with it if you've already played those tracks to death. What I would really love to see in Mario Kart 9 is: -An option to pick a Double Dash mode. -More new tracks in the base game. -Some fun new items that make you wonder why they never had it before. -Nerf the Spiny Shell. Don't get rid of it- just make sure the chances of it nuking 1st place is not 100%. Say, if it accidentally hits another racer on the way up, the item cancels.

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